Asbestos Sampling & Analysis

Sampling Options for Inputs and Outputs.
This section provides step by step guidance on suitable minimum methods for obtaining a representative sample of incoming Mixed Waste Material and Specified Output Materials.

The MF can select the most suitable methodology to use according to the available equipment, space and presentation of the materials (e.g. loose, bagged or baled). Guidance regarding Health and Safety (H&S) is provided in this document and should be considered in conjunction with this section. Sampling and testing of materials should be undertaken only by staff that have received full training, both from practical and H&S perspectives.

Plan the sampling schedule It is recommended that MFs develop a quarterly plan for sampling of input materials from different Suppliers and for Specified Output Materials based on the requirements set out in the Regulations (as outlined in this document) combined with projected delivery tonnages and production figures.

Sampling should be scheduled to ensure it is as representative as possible. This can be achieved by scheduling sample taking Mixed Waste Material samples are taken to ensure that they represent as many of the collection routes as possible. This might be achieved by working with the Supplier to identify the source of the incoming material and arranging the sampling to be undertaken at different times and on different days.

Specified Output Material samples are taken at different times and on different days. Samples should be taken from all shifts including night and weekend shifts, if applicable. The MF should be able to demonstrate to the Regulator that the sampling being carried out is structured and managed to provide representative results. An example sampling schedule is provided